About us

Dear customer,

We would kindly focus your attention on a portfolio of base materials and products made of it, which our Company BMR - Service, Ltd. produces and distributes among Slovakia and other EU regions.

Offered products covers wide range of usage - from automotive industry trought electro even to appliances production.

The core scope is a variety of resistance welding electrodes and end components production including sales and distribution of electrode caps and tips as also solid bars portfolio of Cu-alloy which has been developed for purpose of these parts production. In our manufacturing program, you can find standardized but also individually designed parts.

Modern welding robots and lines need electrodes which should keep highest quality standards. Company BMR-Service Ltd. guarantees stable material quality ( ISO 9001 ) for their customers, highest product parameters, services and professional consulting due to technological problems solutions.

Quality, reliability, expenses and time savings are key factors for every clever businessman. There are a few relevant reasons why you might think to become our satisfied customer.